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"Nick Padovani is an anointed speaker who carries a powerful and timely message for this generation.  His message, filled with the love of the Father and a deep revelation of identity and grace, is now also available for the masses with the release of his new book. Nick's voice is a clear call for the sons and daughters of the King to take their place as they are stirred and awakened to a revelation of their godly identity. Be blessed as you drink from the well of wisdom that God has placed within him."


Dr. Ché Ahn

President, Harvest International Ministry

Founding Pastor, HROCK Church, Pasadena, CA

International Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

"Nick Padovani has done a marvelous job in giving us the music sheet to the Song of the Ages. You’ll love the way he unfolds the mysteries of Solomon’s greatest of all songs. Hidden symbols will be unlocked in the pages of this book. I was personally delighted to read through the manuscript and find so many wonderful secrets made clear. The text is only understood by lovers of God, and Nick will not disappoint the true seekers. You will find a resting place, a hiding place, a glorious place of Eden’s paradise as you read and enter in. Bring your heart into the fire of this message and you will burn with holy passion.


Get ready to have everything change as you dance to the lyrics of The Song of the Ages! You will never go back to dead religion again."

(From the foreword to The Song of the Ages Part 1)


Dr. Brian Simmons

Lead Translator, The Passion Translation Project

"In a way, this book is one of the best I’ve read that dismantles legalism in a person’s life. Legalism is a system of living by which we try to make spiritual progress or gain God’s blessings based on what we do. It’s an obligatory life driven by rules. In The Song of the Ages, Nick Padovani shows the folly of that approach to life by causing the reader to see that, when we know just how much He adores us, we want to respond and, not only respond, but respond with passionate love and zeal. I dare you to read this book and walk away saying you aren’t compelled to love and live out of the union you share with Jesus Christ.


There may be other good books that speak about the Song of Solomon but the one you hold in your hands does something that many don’t do. Like other books on the subject, it will teach you but beyond that it will touch you in the deep places of your own heart. It will stir up your desire for Him and motivate you to give yourself completely over to the One who wants you more than anything else."


(From the foreword of The Song of the Ages Part 2)

Dr. Steve McVey

Best-selling author of Grace-Walk, Beyond an Angry God, and others

Founder, Grace Walk Ministries

This glorious book sings God's Love Song to your heart! Irresistibly blissful, enchanting beauty captivates completely as you read. Expect to find yourself alternating between "I can't put this book down" and "I must stop to feast on the riches of the Word-treasure I just read!" Luxuriate in the lucid, exquisitely lovely writing of Nick Padovani. The story (and song) of your life is here. And the brilliant, elegant, glorious meta-narrative brings entrancing depths of joy!


Rev. Lani Langlais

A review of The Song of the Ages

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