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The Song

of the Ages

The Song of the Ages | 01 The Summit of Truth

A powerful and transformative journey through the Song of Solomon, unearthing great riches from its timeless message. The Song of all Songs has been cherished by saints and mystics throughout the centuries, and this book will help pull out the deeper meaning of its symbols. In this journey, the reader will discover an amazing message of grace and union (as well as freedom from dead religion). Its message brings awakening and refreshment while forging a pathway into greater rest and intimacy with the Lord.

The Song of the Ages | 02 The Kiss of Two Seas

The second part of The Song of the Ages - The Kiss of Two Seas - goes into deeper waters of the message of grace, union, and identity. With this comes a greater understanding of the church and the victorious future that lies ahead of her. This book looks at the ultimate destiny of human civilization and the great plan of God to birth a worldwide harvest through His awakened Bride!

The Song of the Ages | 03 Eden's Return

The earth is redeemed...Christ is triumphant...His work is finished... And yet, we look around and still see so much that is broken.

This book is about the unveiling of what Christ has already done. It is about the apocalypse of glory that starts within our own burning hearts. There is a melody that can awaken the dust of the earth and transform its terrain into an oasis of sparkling joy and rolling justice. Within these pages is the hidden sheet music that unlocks this melody.

Drawing mostly from the end of Solomon's sacred text -- the Song of all Songs -- Eden's Return brings the reader on a journey through all of Scripture, reimagining everything from humanity's genesis to the loaded subject of the "end-times." A hopeful view of the future is given, and readers will be equipped with what's needed to thrive and sing in the days ahead.

The Happy Trinity Front Cover

​What do you think God is like? Is He boring and distant? Is He mostly disappointed with your life? Or is He a happy Father who has been with you all along? In these pages you will be encouraged to completely rethink who God is... Surprisingly, the Scriptures teach that the Father, Son, and Spirit are filled with laughter, playfulness, and joy! Even the wrath of God must be understood in light of His happiness. 

The Happy Trinity is the inaugural work of Dylan DeMarsico, a writer from New Jersey. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Liberty University. His passion is to teach the world about the heart and nature of God. He and his wife Whitney are missionaries in Brazil. Together their joy is to disciple men and women and see communities transformed by the power of the gospel.


Love Makes

Us Brave

"But what do you do when you face a Fear?

When the world seems too BIG or too LOUD and unclear?"

Orphaned, abandoned, and alone, a little dog is pulled from the shelter and into a warm and loving home - a home that comes with some challenging roommates! Join our little hero as he discovers that even though he's part of a big, loving family, he must still turn his eyes to the one who loves him the most, especially when he faces his first big fear - the cat on the stairs.

"Sweet child, you have a Father above

who sent you His Son because He is love."

His tale models a beautiful truth: we are all loved by a God we can trust. This sweet story is a great way to share that love with your child.


Discover Your True Identity in the Infinite Depths of Christ

Both science and theology are, at their core, the exploration of Reality. Though scientists may not use the same language as we're used to hearing in religious circles, recent discoveries are ushering us directly into the Mystery of God, and we would be wise to approach as wide-eyed children. . .open to new ways of seeing and being. If we take a humble posture, Spirit will expose our illusions and bring us face to face with our True Identity.

Featuring a one-of-a-kind mystical trip into a black hole, this book is a thrill ride into the unknown. Deep within this uncharted realm, prepare to discover a portrait of God, and our place in the Story, that's ridiculously more expansive, inclusive, creative and beautiful than any we're previously held in our wildest imagination.

Made Perfect cover-WEB.jpg

If you've ever felt incomplete - like something's missing - and that who you are is broken, bipolar, or something in between . . . then this book is for you. God will end the debate about who you are once and for all. You are perfect! "He has made you perfect forever through His blood" (Hebrews 10:14).

Prepare to hear the best news to ever hit the planet. In this book, you'll learn that God didn't make a mistake with you but that you are made in His image. Learn to live life in the joy of His presence!

Open up Made Perfect and your whole world will be turned upside down. You'll never see Jesus or yourself the same. You are in Him and He is in you!

Front-FULL RES-The Giving Tree.jpg

The Giving Tree takes you beyond a Christianity that exists only as a title or a good idea and transports you into a living experience with the extraordinary God of the Bible-the One who still does miracles in the lives of ordinary people.


Filled with empowering testimonies that touch the heart as well as clear biblical teaching that strengthens the soul, The Giving Tree dares you to believe in a supernatural lifestyle where heaven really breaks forth, Jesus still heals, demons still flee, and God still provides. For every person who ever wondered whether there is more, whether Jesus is real, or whether he cares-this book is for you. Not only is it for you, it is about you.


Be prepared to be called you into your destiny as a child of God. Every single one of God's children was created to hear his voice and release his glory and power on the earth through the spoken Word. This is the "Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Colossians 1:27). The Giving Tree is a powerful invitation into this calling.

"Religious truth is captive in a small number of little manuscripts which guard the common treasures, instead of expanding them. Let us break the seal which binds these holy things; let us give wings to truth that it may fly with the Word, no longer prepared at vast expense, but multitudes everlastingly by a machine which never wearies to every soul which enters life." ~ Johannes Gutenberg

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