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Books & Media from Nick Padovani

The Song

of the Ages

The Song of the Ages | 01 The Summit of Truth

A powerful and transformative journey through the Song of Solomon, unearthing great riches from its timeless message. The Song of all Songs has been cherished by saints and mystics throughout the centuries, and this book will help pull out the deeper meaning of its symbols. In this journey, the reader will discover an amazing message of grace and union (as well as freedom from dead religion). Its message brings awakening and refreshment while forging a pathway into greater rest and intimacy with the Lord.

The Song of the Ages | 02 The Kiss of Two Seas

The second part of The Song of the Ages - The Kiss of Two Seas - goes into deeper waters of the message of grace, union, and identity. With this comes a greater understanding of the church and the victorious future that lies ahead of her. This book looks at the ultimate destiny of human civilization and the great plan of God to birth a worldwide harvest through His awakened Bride!


Messages | Video

Here is a selection of different messages Nick has given, each of which were recorded at his home church, The Almond Branch.

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